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Finger Lakes - Lakeside Plus Vineyard View Biking Trail

image: Map of trail Length: 10 - 20 miles round trip depending on where you turn around

Features: A flat easy 1.5 mile ride along the lake followed by a 1.5 mile climb to Upper Lake Rd. where you ride by vineyards, Amish and Mennonite farms, a wildlife refuge and a bar/restaurant all accompanied by grand views of Seneca Lake. The roads are low traffic country roads in fair condition and are well suited for bike travel. Shoulders are narrow so be alert.

Difficulty: Moderate

Sights: Lakeshore, ducks, Lodi Point State Park, Willard Wildlife Management area, Buena Vista Golf Course.

Stops: Lodi Point State Park (restrooms and picnic tables available)
Willard Wildlife Management Area
Buena Vista State Golf Course and Clubhouse

Road Directions:

  • Turn left out of Lodi Point State Park.
  • Keep right onto Lodi Point Rd. and heads up hill for a semi-gradual 1.5 mile climb.
  • At the stop sign turn left onto Upper Lake Road (heading North).
  • At approximately 4 miles you will see the Willard Wildlife Management Area on your left. (a good place to stop for a break and a short hike if you'd like)
  • Continue on Upper Lake Rd. for a mile and the Buena Vista State Golf Course will be on your left. (Their Clubhouse is also not a bad place to stop for a drink and a sandwich.)
  • Reverse directions to return to Lodi Point State Park

The view on the return trip is almost completely different as you are now facing the southern end of the lake, however you could follow the directions below to get to Rt 414 and use that as the path to return to Lodi Point State Park. If you choose this return path, please use caution as there is a lot more traffic on Rt 414 moving at high speeds.

  • Continue North (the way you were headed) past the Golf Course for approximately 1/4 mile.
  • When you reach the stop sign by the Willard Drug Treatment Center turn right which will merge you on to Rt 96A headed East.
  • Follow Rt 96A (an uphill climb) for 1 mile.
  • When you reach the flashing red light in Ovid, turn right onto Rt 414S and 96A.
  • You will pass through the village of Ovid (stop anywhere that catches your interest)
  • Follow Rt 414 five miles to Lodi.
  • There will be an ice cream/soda stand on your left (stop if you'd like)
  • 1 block past the Ice cream stand turn right onto Lodi Station Rd
  • Follow it for roughly a mile and turn left on Lodi Point Rd. to return to Lodi Point State Park
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