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photo: Great Blue HeronFinger Lakes - Great Blue Heron

There are several Great Blue Heron living near the waters edge. They tend to prefer the quieter less developed lakes. They make daily flights over the lake (almost like clockwork) in the early morning and the evening. Occasionally if all is quiet, they will perch atop a boat lift or stand silent to fish near the shore. They are beautiful in flight. Their "gwwrawk" of a call is less than beautiful and even borders on sounding prehistoric.

Identification Tips:
Length: 38 inches Wingspan: 70 inches
Sexes similar
Huge long-legged long-necked wader
Usually holds neck in an "S" curve at rest and in flight
Long, thick, yellow bill
White crown and face
Black plume extending from above and behind eye to beyond back of head
Brownish-buff neck with black-bordered white stripe down center of foreneck
Blue-gray back, wings and belly
Black shoulder
Shaggy neck and back plumes in alternate plumage
Black cap
Brownish-gray back and upperwings
Lacks shaggy neck and back plumes
Lacks black plume extending from behind eye
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