Rasta Ranch Vineyards

5882 Rte 414 Valois, NY 14841

Wine should be a fun part of everyday life.
We encourage you to experiment with wine and food combinations
and keep an open mind to new varieties!
Visit Rasta Ranch Winery for a good time.

Featured Wines

  • Whiter Shade of Pale: Light and dry with well balanced fruit.
  • Arlo's Apple: Made from 100% NYS apples.
  • Catawba Dry: A delicate fruity wine, full of perfume. An excellent accompaniment to light meals of grilled poulty and fresh greens. A unique Catawba for this area.
  • Niagara: A dryer version of this popular grape. Also unique for this area.
  • Seneca Rain: Extraordinary nose, followed by clean, fresh fruit and a fast, dry finish.
  • Cayuga: Our version of the Finger Lakes' own grape, finished light and crisp.
  • Piece of My Heart: Simply put, a jug Janice would be proud to drink!
  • Catawba: Fresh fruit, the taste of summer.
  • Ja'maca Me Blush: A dark off-dry fruity red, perfect for grilled meats.
  • Purple Haze: Semi-dry & fruity. An excellent alternative to heavy red to accompany lighter summertime fare.
  • Greatful Red: Dry with a burst of rich fruit in the middle. This wine has a long, lingering finish of berries. A classic for marinara sauces.
  • Baco Noir: Deep garnet red and very soft on the palate. You'll be delighted by the rich cherry overtones that balance the finish.
  • Sweet Forgiveness: A sweet red wine that gives the impression of a port without the heavy, fortified alcohol burn. Drink some with the one you love.
  • Uncle Homer's Red: Finally a sweet red wine with no lack of sophistication! Enjoy it with burgers or eggs!

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