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Hemlock Lake Bed and Breakfasts

Hemlock Lake is un-adorned by nice little Bed and Breakfasts. It is kept in a wild state since it serves as the watersupply for the city of Rochester. Nearby lakes that ofer places to stay are Conesus Lake and Honeoye Lake

Hemlock Lake Details

meaning: named by the white man so it lacks a native-American translation
length: 7 miles     width: 0.5 miles      maximum depth: 90 ft
volume of water: 28.7 billion gallons
primary features: limited use for boating by permit only [download permit] (may not exceed 16 ft and no motors over 10 hp), unspoiled shoreline with little development
towns: Conesus, Glennville, Hemlock, Springwater
counties: Livingston (on the West) Ontario (on the East)

Hemlock Lake is one of two Finger Lakes that are maintained as water supplies for the city of Rochester. They are completely undeveloped and have restrictions placed on the size of powerboats that can operate on the lake. Swimming is prohibitted. The restrictions on this lake make the experience of being on the lake in a canoe or kayak more like being on a lake in the Adirondacks.

Public access to Hemlock Lake is provided in two locations with gravel ramps. Access is by permit only :

  • at the northeast corner of the lake, off Rix Road
  • at the southeast corner off Route 15A



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